cold antibody

cold antibody

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  • Cold antibody hemolytic anemia — can refer to: Cold agglutinin disease Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led yo …   Wikipedia

  • cold antibody — cold reactive antibody antibody, usually IgM but occasionally IgG, that reacts less efficiently with antigen at 37°C than at lower temperatures …   Medical dictionary

  • Cold agglutinin disease — Classification and external resources Cold agglutination at body temperature, the antibodies do not attach to the red blood cells. At lower temperatures, however, the antibodies react to Ii antigens, bringing the red blood cells together, a… …   Wikipedia

  • cold agglutinin — n any of several agglutinins sometimes present in the blood (as that of many patients with primary atypical pneumonia) that at low temperatures agglutinate compatible as well as incompatible red blood cells, including the patient s own called… …   Medical dictionary

  • antibody — An immunoglobulin molecule produced by B lymphoid cells with a specific amino acid sequence evoked in humans or other animals by an antigen (immunogen). These molecules are characterized by reacting specifically with the antigen in some… …   Medical dictionary

  • paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria — an autoimmune or postviral disease marked by episodes of hemoglobinemia and hemoglobinuria after exposure to cold, caused by complement dependent hemolysis due to IgG antibody (Donath Landsteiner antibody) directed against the P blood group… …   Medical dictionary

  • Donath-Landsteiner antibody — an IgG antibody directed against the P blood group antigen; it binds to red cells at low temperatures and induces complement mediated lysis on warming, and is responsible for hemolysis in paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria …   Medical dictionary

  • Disease — Illness or sickness often characterized by typical patient problems (symptoms) and physical findings (signs). Disruption sequence: The events that occur when a fetus that is developing normally is subjected to a destructive agent such as the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Coombs test — Diagnostics MeSH D003298 Coombs test (also known as Coombs test, antiglobulin test or AGT) refers to two clinical blood tests used in immunohematology and immunology. The t …   Wikipedia

  • Autoagglutination — represents clumping of an individual s red blood cells (RBCs or erythrocytes) by his or her own serum due to the RBCs being coated on their surface by antibodies.Autoagglutination is seen to occur in a type of immune mediated hemolytic anemia… …   Wikipedia

  • Hemolytic anemia — ICD9|283, ICD9|773 ICDO = OMIM = MedlinePlus = 000571 eMedicineSubj = med eMedicineTopic = 979 MeshID = D000743Hemolytic anemia is anemia due to hemolysis, the abnormal breakdown of red blood cells (RBCs) either in the blood vessels… …   Wikipedia

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